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What we do

As our name implies, we identify the connections between your product or service and the cultural meaning it has for your target audience. This forms the basis of a compelling outreach to the target.

Although our research is customized to meet the business needs of each client, projects employ one or more of the following anthropological methods:

  • Observation

  • Ethnography

  • Personal in-depth interviews

  • Focus groups

  • Buddy discussions with teens

  • Tape diaries

  • Cultural trend analysis

Clients are welcome to join ethnographic interviews that occur in homes and offices. Our conversations with consumers and b2b customers take place in a relaxed manner. The purpose is to listen to their thoughts and feelings and hear how they frame issues. Projective techniques are used to explore cultural beliefs and values below the surface of consciousness. We use storytelling to identify mythic themes underlying the relationship with a product or service. This allows us to hone the essence of a brand.

Analysis for us is more than a summary. We analyze data in terms of cultural categories, metaphors, symbols, and values that give meaning to products and services and brands. Our analysis always focuses on the implications for the client’s business goals.