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What our clients say

“Maryann excels in her capacity to draw interviewees in, engage them in rich dialogue, elicit valuable responses and, most importantly, bring these insights into a meaningful analysis. Many anthropologists can conduct research, but few have the talent and skill to interpret responses beyond what consumers say. This is precisely Maryann’s strengths: to make valuable implications and recommendations for brands, products and services that can be turned into actionable results. In other words, Maryann is an outstanding anthropologist and a valuable asset to any project."

Timothy D. Malefyt,
Senior Vice President
BBDO Advertising

“Cultural Connections played an important role in the insight development of our product. Ethnographic research, though not typically used in the pharmaceutical industry, was immeasurably helpful as we sought to understand our customer's experience with osteoporosis. We visited women in their homes, observed their medication rituals, and learned from their expressions of living with weakened bones. The context of these women’s lives provided a depth to their experience that complemented traditional 'behind the glass' research. Insights gleaned from our ethnographic research were used to strengthen our DTC campaign, from positioning and messaging to storyboard development.”

Dana Davis
Manager Commercial Analysis

“We wanted to understand what our brand image was among our business customers around the globe. We also wanted to understand what concepts and words resonated with our customers. Cultural Connections was able to help us realize this by conducting focus groups in seven countries. The resulting information enabled us to develop advertising that was leveraged worldwide and a tag line that is still in use today.”

Ann Moscicki
Manager, Communications & Public Relations
Eastman Kodak Company