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We are anthropologists – adept at jumping into the hearts and minds of consumers and looking at the world from their point of view. An ethnographic approach to understanding behavior lets us discover the cultural logic underlying the purchase and use of products and services. Our research and analysis identify what motivates brand choice in both consumer and business-to-business situations.


We examine how a client’s product or service fits into the everyday life of consumers. How does the product or service become a part of their experience? We want to learn the emotional and symbolic touch points between your brand and the consumer.


B2B customers make decisions based on rational and emotional input. How do your customers perceive your company and product or service compared to competitors? We want to find the value proposition for your brand that resonates with customer needs.


In the U.S. marketplace, we conduct market research among the Caucasian, African American, and Latino populations.


For multinational companies wanting to gain a greater grasp of their global markets, we put together a team of anthropologists. Each is a specialist who speaks the language and knows the culture of the area.

Our experience spans more than 15 years and covers a breadth of categories including automobiles, banking, beauty, food, health, pharmaceuticals, retail, technology, and telecommunications.